Are you a mental health clinician looking for support with overcoming the causes and effects of self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors and building the lifestyle you desire? This can be with your presence, private practice, planning, packaging, pivoting, pitching, positioning, and productivity. Wow, that's a lot of p's. 


I have nearly faced burnout, personally and professionally, several times throughout my career along with the roller coaster of business and can wholeheartedly relate to where you may be on your journey. When I realized that I could have better control over my life, I made immediate changes.


First, book a free 15 minute consultation below to discuss options, if you are facing any of the following:

  • Multi-faceted but Stuck Mindset

  • Speaker/Media Kit Struggles 

  • Content Creation Clog 

  • Branding & Business Basics

  • No Roadmap to Revenue 

  • Isolated on the Clinical Island 

  • Insecure About Income 

  • New Private Practice Panic

  • Comparison Crazy

  • Clinical Career Exploration

  • Website Woes

  • Offers & Opportunities 

  • Self-care Sabotager

  • No Therapy Niche

  • Product Not Profiting

  • Imposter Syndrome Invasion

  • Pitching for the Podium 

  • Signature Speech for Speaking 

  • Endless Entrepreneurial Excuses

  • Navigating Permission to Pivot

  • Creativity Complacency

  • Marketing Mapping

  • Fashion & Styling Frenzy

  • Product Pricing Panic

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