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Burnout Ain't a Birthright: A no-nonsense guide to managing stress using emotional intelligence and agility.

In a world full of demands, you’re tired of “playing the game,” often negotiating your wellness, constantly exhausted, and everyone is getting on your last nerves.


To work through these relatable challenges, you need a good dose of emotional intelligence (EQ) and agility. Agility is often the part that many skip or rarely get to because they’re focused on being as emotionally intelligent as possible.


It’s unrealistic to take over everyone else’s issues and hold all your stress inside. Guess what? It has to go somewhere and the goal is to manage it before it costs you.


In Burnout Ain't a Birthright, organizational wellness strategist, speaker and licensed therapist, Dr. Dominique Pritchett uses eye-opening stories and actionable solutions to resolve stressors by discussing:


  • The foundations of emotional intelligence and agility and ways to elevate both

  • Ways to build a safe support system when faced with systemic issues

  • How different types of stressors show up in people in unique ways

  • Unwanted thought patterns creating barriers to speaking up

  • Solutions to increase management of daily stressors


You’re invited to break free from burnout and liberate your wellness.

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