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Are you a mental health therapist looking to build or boost your private practice?

Yes? Well, you're in the right place! Whether you're just getting started or want to grow your private practice, we're here to support you. 


I've faced burnout several times throughout my career and wish I had support on my journey. If this sounds familiar and you're looking for a space to be seen and supported, allow me to share my knowledge, skills and abilities from:


  • Being in the mental health field for over 15 years

  • Serving in nearly every mental health space

  • Recovering from burnout and toxic workplace culture

  • Building a thriving solo private practice within 120 days

  • Using creativity to serve my audience

  • Curating my own public relations tour to stay booked 


Let's go on the journey together using my Readiness to Rewards Method™ to ignite your private practice goals.

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The Process

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As a mental health therapist, have you ever assessed your private practice to make sure you aren't missing anything to run smoothly? No? We've got something for you.

If things aren't looking good, don't panic! We invite you book a discovery call with us for support. There is no shame.

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