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5 Barriers Preventing Investing in Yourself & Business

Invest early. Invest with clarity. Invest with trusted guidance

Who taught you about business savviness including protecting your business while growing up?

Many of the women have shared with me that no one taught them about how to manage a business while having fun in life.

When I was a young teenager, I had my first business as a hair braider and camp counselor at a local community outreach center. I didn't know at the time how much these jobs would prepare me to go to high school then college, my masters and eventually my doctorate.

I didn't realize my role as a camp counselor and family issues would be the catalyst to my latter career as a therapist, speaker and entrepreneur.

One time, I lost a paper check. Right! Money. I was devastated because another lesson never taught was to open up a bank account to protect my money.

Guess what? With my next paycheck, I independently opened my first bank account when I was in the 8th grade. To my knowledge, I was the first in my immediate family to ever have an account.

A few years ago, I invested in obtaining business contracts with Mobile General Counsel. Then a few years laster, I invested in filing for trademarks to protect my brands and intellectual property with Debarros Law Firm.

I didn't want to relive devastation of not protecting my business as an adult and now business woman with several businesses. Protecting my businesses is a part of my strategic mental wellness plan.

Taking these steps have definitely boosted my confidence and commitment to operate responsibly.

Many of us have done it the hard way without knowing any better and we're still learning. Everyday is a learning opportunity or time to restart with better management of your life and business.

Intentionally choosing the hard way doesn’t make you any more of a “real one.”

Invest responsibly. Invest early. Invest with clarity. Invest with trusted guidance.

Don’t want to invest? Here are 5 possible barriers preventing you from investing in yourself and business:

1. Trauma response 2. Scarcity mindset 3. Not seeing money as a tool 4. One revenue stream 5. Lack of self-worth

Still unsure? Let's start here. Be open enough to learn from those sharing stories about their blessings, breakdowns, and breakthroughs from a personal and business standpoint.

As you grow on your business journey, be sure to find your support team where you can shine and be vulnerable when you don't have all the answers.


Ps. If no one taught you how to manage your business, let me be the first to say - Cover your ASSets! Continue on your growing journey. Find your tribe where you can shine and be vulnerable.


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