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We strategize with companies to prioritize mental wellness solutions before (or after) a crisis to evolve personal and professional development.

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Ways I Work With Companies

Let's curate a package specific to your needs creating maximum impact. We offer 5 services to support you with decision fatigue. We get it.


Keynote Speeches

Whether your company needs a keynote speaker for an event, leadership retreat, training or conference, we can help! We're open to local, national and international experiences. Using a practical and clinical lens, Dr. Dominique is a skilled storyteller leaving attendees with actionable takeaways. We can handle these speeches in person or virtually. 


Workshops, Trainings & Fireside Chats

Does your company need an in-depth workshop or series of workshops with actionable takeaways? Using one of Dr. Dominique's proprietary frameworks, we can deliver interactive workshops on any of our core topics such as burnout, compassion fatigue, communication or rising above stigma. This is done through a workshop-style presentation or fireside chat customized and delivered with high energy for maximum impact.



Have you considered how the mental wellness of your team impacts personal and professional development around leadership, confidence and goal achievement? Let's collaborate to work on your mental health strategic plan, initiatives and standard operating procedures. Our goal is to support your team before [or after] a crisis on your team. This response plan is a must for your next event, leadership retreat, training or conference as well. 


Emcee, Moderator or Host

Have you been looking for an energic and adaptable emcee, moderator or host that will keep your audience engaged? Let's come up with a solid plan for your conference, convention or multi-day event where you can relax knowing you've partnered with Dr. Dominique. If your event is virtual, hybrid or in-person, no worries. 


On-Demand Licensing Programs

Does your organization want customized on-demand trainings covering emotional intelligence, effective communication, foundations of mental well-being, leadership development or burnout prevention? We can help!

Words From Our Clients

"Dr. Pritchett is an expert in the field of mental health and shared a wealth of knowledge and experience with our audience. She is a gifted communicator who is able to engage and educate her audience in a clear and concise way... I highly recommend Dr. Pritchett for future speaking engagements!"

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Dr. Dominique Pritchett

Mental Wellness Strategist, Speaker, Therapist & Podcaster

Born to challenge the status quo, Dr. Dominique Pritchett is a mental wellness strategist, speaker, therapist and podcaster.

She is retained for topics relating to mental wellness education, burnout prevention and recovery, emotional intelligence, humane and liberated leadership, psychological safety and rising above stigma. 


Dr. Dominique has been featured locally, nationally and internationally on BBC London Radio, Shondaland, Women’s Health Magazine, The New York Times, various news outlets, podcasts and more.

Not ready to book? No worries...

Here's a free resource just for visiting. Enjoy our Mini Burnout Assessment & Toolkit™

to increase awareness and better support your team which impacts leadership. 

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