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We support companies who are ready to create cultures of well-being and belonging. We help our clients make this the norm rather than an afterthought.


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Meet Dr. Dominique

Dr. Dominique Pritchett is an exceptional licensed therapist, speaker, and mental wellness consultant. She strives to help companies develop solution-focused strategies to creating cultures of well-being and belonging.


After experiencing burnout in her career due to a toxic workplace culture, Dr. Dominique pivoted and opened Beloved Wellness Center, the first and only private mental health practice in Wisconsin for Black women and girls.

As a speaker and consultant, she engages and educates audiences through thought-provoking stories, relevant statistics and actionable steps around wellness using her signature S.P.A.C.E. Method™ to Well-being. Dr. Dominique has a down-to-earth and high energy personality. She has spoken at numerous companies, colleges, conferences, and community organizations across the world. When she speaks, audiences listen and take action! 

Dr. Dominique is the founder of Space for Sistas™ - a wellness community and podcast for Black women and girls as well as Space to Practice - a coaching and consulting community for mental health therapists.

She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Capella University, master's in clinical social work from Loyola University of Chicago, and bachelor's in social work from Carthage College.



How may we support your company?

We can curate packages specific to your needs creating maximum impact. We offer three areas of support for you to reduce decision fatigue. We get it! Click your choice below to start the process.


Well-being is critical for every company, especially when leadership is responsible for considering how psychological safety and equity impacts their vision. This requires a proactive and collaborative approach. We provide solution-focused strategies to help improve morale and culture while focusing on retention and self-regulation skills. If you don't want to risk it for your company, book a call today!


Dr. Dominique's #1 priority is to captivate your audience through real, relevant and relatable content. Through a solution-focused approach, your audience will be able to take action immediately. Available for keynotes, workshops, trainings, and panels. She is most booked through colleges, corporations, conferences, and community agencies. Your audience will thank you for booking Dr. Dominique because they've been waiting for a fresh face and ideas. Book a call today!


Many times you need advice and direction when navigating the rollercoaster of life. Whether coaching is needed individually or as a team, we will strategically identify solutions to address challenges interfering with your well-being. Many clients focus on communication challenges, boundary barriers, adjustment angst, productivity panic, burnout burdens, and more. If your employees can't get to coaching, bring coaching to them starting with booking a call today!

The Process

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No worries, here's a free resource just for visiting. Enjoy 5 Fundamentals to Emotional Intelligence: Fast-Action Assessment to demonstrate your awareness of well-being and belonging. 


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Words From Our Clients

“Dr. Dominique is an exceptional speaker and we were fortunate to have her address our campus community. The outpouring of information, her personal story, and encouraging words of wisdom provided both a therapeutic and engaging dialogue. Dr. Dominique is certainly a presence that brings real-life experiences to her audience allowing them to walk away feeling encouraged and ready to take action.”

Cicely H., Former Assistant Director, Student Affairs Office of Equity and Inclusion

Service: Speaking - Keynote at Commencement 


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